Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I Like... Summaries / 2009

Here it is - 2009 crushed into a handful of simple categories.

Album of the Year - Morrissey Years of Refusal

Music Video of the Year - Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Happiest Moment of the Year - Getting a Michael Jackson ticket & the ensuing thoughts of fulfilling my dream...

Lyric of the Year - Dizzee Rascal "And I'll never let your belly get empty/Even when your belly's full you're still sexy"

The worst thing to be unleashed upon mankind this year - The Saturdays

I Hate... That Awkward Time Between Christmas Day and New Year's Day / Purgatory

I hate New Year’s Eve, more than any other day of the Roman calendar; all the pressure, hype and hysteria, which leads to, what? Nothing but another day, just like any other. But the one thing I hate more than the dreaded night that is NYE is the mentally testing, tedious few days between Christmas and January 1st. It’s as though nothing but me, time and chocolate covered vanilla fudge exist. So all I can do is sit, wait and eat. You know, just like Purgatory – not bad but definitely not good.

However, the one interesting item that has arisen from the past few never-ending days was watching Diff’rent Strokes THS. I love that show (Diff'rent Strokes, not THS). It’s my all time favourite, feel-good viewing; it bulldozed social, racial and class barriers whilst providing moral messages and delivering warming humour, all at once – what’s not to like? But goodness, those kids were messed up after the show wrapped. Why didn’t Mr. Drummond do anything to help them? Did Willis and Kimberly not watch the anti-drug show which guest starred Nancy Reagan? And what became of Abraham, the fish, after departing the show in season two? But don’t judge them, just remember – ‘what might be right for you, may not be right for some.’

Monday, 28 December 2009

I Like... The Festive Season / "God bless us, every one!"

My favourite part of Christmas was definitely my Nan asking to watch 'Slamdunk Millionaire'. That's right up there with her telling me 'Dustin Kimberly' (Justin Timberlake) was on the radio... It was Craig David.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I Hate... Being In Control of My Own Time / Time Waits For No One

One week into my Christmas holidays. This is what I've got up to thus far:
1) Watched Gavin and Stacey - series 1 and 2 - back to back.
2) Eaten curly fries.
3) Waited for the postman to deliver my Michael Jackson Opus. I'm still waiting...
4) Learnt the Bad Romance choreography.
5) Watched the Royal Variety Performance and was disgusted at Miley Cyrus waving her leather-clad crotch at our Queen. And now I have been exposed to the below video of Miley's younger sister. My disgust deepens.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I Hate... Trying To Buy Clothes / “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

As I have made clear before, I don’t know fashion. We’ve never really met, so clothes shopping and I are equally unacquainted. But how in our Western consumer society is it still so difficult to find a pair of jeans? It took me eighteen years to seek out the one brand of jeans that actually fit my diminutive frame (J.Brand) and after wearing my blue skinnies nigh-on every day since I turned eighteen, I finally admitted I needed to splash out on a new pair last weekend. It seemed simple enough; I wanted the exact same pair I was wearing, in the same size, style and colour but minus the odd holes that have formed on the inside of the knees (odd place for friction, no?)

But oh gosh, now there’s ‘pencil legs’, ‘cigarette jeans’, leggings, jeggings, treggings... None of which fulfilling my simple specification. Alas, I am still without jeans sans uncool holes.

Anyway, the point of this complaint being that clothes shopping is difficult and scary. However, I am interested in this pansy print shirt that Morrissey wore onstage a couple of weeks ago. I’m partial to a fine pansy print.
If you wish to take dressing like Morrissey to the next logical step, you can bid on the silver Gucci suit he wore whilst playing at the Hollywood Bowl in 2007, in support of Farm Sanctuary’s ‘Peace For Animals’.

Friday, 6 November 2009

I Hate... Not being allowed to touch and smell things / The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition

Last weekend I ventured to the O2 to attend what AEG is billing as The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition.

And what a venture it was; I travelled by private car, train, underground, boat and taxi to get there (plus a two mile walk to the Imax cinema to see This Is It for the second time).

Here are some of my favourite items that I viewed with my own fair eyes (NB cameras were strictly not allowed. I was so looking forward to pictures of me sheepishly posing in front of MJ artefacts...)

Oh the glittering gates of Neverland. Pure grandeur.

If I could have taken one display home it would have been this. These masks were used for the Ghosts video when MJ transforms into a ghoul-like being. Oh these were fascinating. I had my face pressed right up against the glass case they were in (most likely put in place to keep freaks like me away). These would look lovely on my bedside cabinet.

This is my absolute favourite of Michael's insanely embellished jackets (and perhaps the most wearable). It probably would have fitted me too.

And oh my gosh - that jumpsuit from the Dangerous Tour which Michael dons for Workin' Day and Night to which he performs the world's most fun group dance choreography which I long to recreate.

I have written a full review for Spark* (Reading University's student paper) which I will upload along with my Morrissey review ASAP.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I Like... Seeing Morrissey once a week / The Final Frontier

Morrissey Season - Part III
Monday night saw the conclusion to my Morrissey tour in Salisbury.
Salisbury City Hall was the venue, which was a cross between an old people's home and a school hall. Also, security insisted on performing full body searches on every member of the audience. When asked what they were looking for, "You know what" was the ambigious reply. I'm pretty sure their high standard of security will continue throughout the panto season when Toyah Willcox is appearing in some vampire-based festivity.

Anyway, the set was pretty much exactly the same as that of the Royal Albert Hall except Ask was artfully interjected, which was 'nice'; I like that song very much. Not as much banter between songs during the show (which is half the enjoyment) but Morrissey did playfully push his band away after they took their bow.

See you at Ally Pally? Maybe.

My full Morrissey review will be up next week.

Oh yeah, and since I'm still on a quest for the tshirt featuring Moz and his band in the nude, here's an outtake from said photoshoot for your delictation.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

I Hate... Halloween / Happy Halloween

I'm so not into Halloween. I was never allowed to go Trick or Treating, but it's not like I ever wanted to as a child; why would anyone want to go door to door essentially begging for food? There's something so terribly uncouth about it all. Anyway, have fun in your highly imaginative costume (I'm sure no one else at whatever 'spooky' themed event you're attending will be dressed like a vampire...)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

I Like... Being Mesmerized / "It's all for love. L-O-V-E"

I saw This Is It last night.

Complete dazzlement.
I'll be seeing it again on Saturday as my tiny brain can't process such grandeur in such a sudden burst.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I Like... It When A Plan Comes Together / Return of the Moz

Morrissey Season - Part II

Here I am, a-hoping and a-wishing (yes, still in the same tshirt)

All systems GO with Morrissey last night.

He was fantastical. More than worth waiting for.

Full review to follow in due course.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

I Hate... Seeing all my idols fall ill / "There is no such thing in life as normal"

Morrissey Season - Part I
Well last night saw the beginning of Morrissey Season for me. Unfortunately for Moz he was playing at the Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre; a dire, dire vicinity not worthy of such a man. However, he sheepishly walked onstage, muttered "Good evening... Probably" and broke into This Charming Man.

The last note was played and Morrissey collapsed. That was it. Gig over. I won't post a picture of Morrissey during his fall as that's just in bad taste.

His condition is said to be "stable" but that puts the rest of his Swords Tour in much jeopardy (bearing in mind these dates were originally part if his Years of Refusal jaunt but were rescheduled due to unspecified illness.)

I took my little sister to worship at the altar of Morrissey but she wasn't too upset as she enjoyed the wide variety of vending machines on offer. FYI her favourite was the milk chocolate Crunch Bar.

I wore this t-shirt like a massive loser.

Get well soon Morrissey. No pressure, just you're my final hero after Michael Jackson died a week before my dream was due to come true by seeing him live...

Monday, 5 October 2009

I Hate... Being A Girl / Winter Wardrobe

Don't you hate every magazine giving you their definitive guide to coats at the moment?
"Make like Joseph and wear a Technicolor dream coat."
"Channel the golden days of the Gestapo with a military number."
"Go for a bold print that means you'll have to wear one bland colour underneath for the next five months." Etc etc

Forget it. One word: androgyny. Here are the looks I'll be going for as we make the autumnal transition this month.

Friday, 2 October 2009

I Hate... Overly Zealous Administration / “Great endowments often announce themselves in youth in the form of singularity and awkwardness.”

So this week saw me being inducted to the institution of Reading University.

Allow me to guide you through ‘Fresher’s Week’.

MONDAY: I turn up to my 'Academic Welcome'. Lovely, nice to be welcomed, but people quickly shift away from me when I tell them I don't reside in student halls and I don't seem all too interested in hearing about the super-fun party they had in their kitchen last night. We are then made to make idle conversation with the unknown beings around us. Cue people being intrigued and astonished when they find out I commute all the way from the far away and mystical land of Wiltshire.

TUESDAY: Time to register for my subject. By all means everyone seems affable, but again shock pervades them when they realise I have to get a bus and a train to study. Students are doing/playing (I do not know the correct verb when it comes to poi) poi. I went to ask for a campus tour from an older student. He kindly lifted his flabbergasted body from the 'help desk', heavily sighed and muttered, "Umm, alright then. If I have to." I tell him the exact buildings I need to find for my lectures but he insists on showing me Robotics and IT instead.

WEDNESDAY: I attend the scheduled briefings for my chosen subjects only to be turfed out and told I don't need to be there. I try to sort out my student card but my online enrolment hasn’t been processed. At this point it is made clear to me that my appointed student number is now superior to both my first and last name when identifying myself to others. I also get chatting to a girl, who at first I seem to have much in common with; both studying English, both had a 'gap year' (I hate that term. It immediately makes people think I've gone on some egotistical trip to the Balearic Islands to 'find myself' and get in touch with the something bigger than our transient existence here on earth) and also tried university last year. But it turns out she's a casual racist, so I nipped that friendship in the bud.

THURSDAY: Fun and games at the English Welcome 'Parties'. Everyone is made to where stickers with their names on, thus reducing us all to looking at one another's breast bones to find out each other’s names. We're also made to play 'ice breaker' games; needless to say, the outcome was highly uncomfortable and could have been an outtake from The Office (the UK version, definitely not the US).

FRIDAY: Day off. Stayed home and watched 'Will & Grace'. God, I wish I was Karen Walker. She's so fucking sassy.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I Like... Printing / "Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, actual, They say he's homosexual"

Pick up this week's NME for a frighfully well written review of Vitalic's new album.
Who's it by? Oh yeah, little ol' me.

I am aware that this poor quality photo does not allow you to read it but it also does not do justice to my craft. (This is pure bravado - I hope you are aware.)

Read it here

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I Like... This actually being 'it' / "Hold for applause"

You've got you tickets for This Is It, right? Because if you have, you know it looks mind-blowingly amazing.

Can you believe those vocals? Marvellous.

Of course I'm enjoying all this Michael-mania (I would have been basking in it to a greater degree if he was alive) but I'm getting pretty sick and tired of people jumping on the allegorical bandwagon; "Oh yeah, I love Michael Jackson. I think I have a greatest hits collection somewhere at home, actually it belongs to my mum but I have seen the whole Thriller video." Wow, well done. It’s a shame he had to die for people to wake up and care about him. Plus when I see people wearing Michael Jackson t-shirts in an ironic, conceited way, I get so angry.

Angry like this...

But then I think of Michaeal, the greater good, and I how happy I'll be when watching the film. Kinda like this...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I Hate... Chris Packham / Pandamonium (Yeah, that took a whole second to think of)

Some conservationist/BBC presenter, Chris Packham, (who I've never heard of) has said that giant pandas should be left to die out and get on the one way train to extinction: "Unfortunately, it's big and cute and a symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature and we pour millions of pounds into panda conservation. I reckon we should pull the plug. Let them go, with a degree of dignity."
What an arsehole. I say FORTUNATELY they're big and cute (more things in life should be), more money should be poured into panda sanctuarys and the BBC should pull the plug on his job.
I'm not some freaky animal lover or anything, but bloody hell pandas are cute. I hate most animals (and most things actually) but just a picture of a panda melts my uncompassionate heart.

Look how fucking cuddly they are!

He's sitting on a rocking horse (maybe it's a dragon...) yet unaware just how ludicrously cute that is.

Pandas are so great people are taking hair dye to their dogs to make them resemble the clearly superior bear. This is big in Asia - I could really get on board with this.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I Like... The look of this / This Is It 28.10.2009

This is will be showing for 2 WEEKS ONLY.

Tickets go on sale Sunday 27th September.

It is yet to be announced which cities it will be shown in, but wherever; I'll be there.

It will also be later released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I Hate... Being OLD / "It's not your birthday anymore, there's no need to be kind to you, and the will to see you smile and belong has now gone"

That's right. It’s my birthday. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.
I'm 20. That makes me feel physically sick.
Look at me posting my own celebratory images. What a loser.

Since I'm the only person without a Facebook in the entire universe, my friends obviously forgot my birthday because why wouldn't you forget something like that if you didn't have an electronic reminder? *Eye roll* So they made plans to go "out on the lash" in Exeter tonight, so I'm being dragged there and it's being disguised as an event for me despite the fact it's the last thing I would ever voluntarily inflict upon myself. I just want to stay home and watch The Rescuers Down Under.

Sorry to post this image again, but it really summarises how I feel right now.
Enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

I Like... Holidays / "Where are we going?" "We're all going mad"

I'm going on "summer vacation", as Charlie Bucket would say in Tim Burton's Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (it really clangs, no?)

Pool side playlist:

Amazing Baby - Head Dress

The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann

The Big Pink - Dominos

The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk

The Jacksons - Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

Lady Gaga - Summerboy

Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

The Specials - Monkey Man

See you in two weeks.

I Like... Work Experience / Update

Last week I visited the good people of NME for my 5th work placement with them and had a brilliant time (as per usual.) My fellow workies were an absolute delight; there was Chris who’s already writing for them on a freelance basis in Newcastle so watch out for his reviews, there was John who I can only describe as an all-American beefcake as he resembled Action Man, came all the way from California for the placement and wore a clear retainer for certain hours of the day despite having perfect teeth. And making up the girls side was Katie (my new LDN BFF), who’s journalistic experience includes working with Sugar and interviewing Madonna at the tender age of 13 on Newsround, plus Bobby who literally fancied every man she came across in the work place.

We had the usual jobs of sorting and delivering insane amounts of post (apart from on Wednesday, thanks to the postal strike) and trawling for news stories. We also had to look for quotes from currently en vogue Stroke, Julian Casablancas, root around in the archives and research music's most lavish stage props. View the results:

Obviously transcribing usually takes up the majority of the week (John spent 4 days transcribing a Pearl Jam interview) and I was lucky enough to be handed their latest interview with Alex Tuner who struck me as awkward but articulate. But listening to an interview with The Hot Rats (Supergrass’ Danny Goffey, Gaz Coombes and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich) trying to justify their decision to record an album of covers was not washing with me. They are supposedly fulfilling the full potential of some of their favourite songs that they feel the originals failed to reach. Yeah, right.

On Thursday night we ventured to Leathal Bizzle’s album launch at that hotel in Soho which is currently featured in the BBC series Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel. Sorry to spoil it for you but, yes, it manages to open in the end. It was all very weird: everyone was trying to network in a resplendent yet gaudy little room (I imagine it’s what the inside of Tim Westwood’s head looks like) with an open bar and celebrating Bizzle’s (did you know that ‘bizzle’ means ‘bitch’ in the US of A? Thanks John) third long player.

And Friday is always feedback day when you’re given a track, at random, to review. You’re given 100 words to impress an NME journo. I reviewed Bloc Party’s One More Chance and made my assigned critic ‘laugh out loud’ and said he would have changed one word and sent it straight to print. Shucks.

Every time I go to NME a fantastic experience is guaranteed; I always learn something new, gain more of a feel for the pace of a weekly publication and further insight of different routes into the institution of the New Musical Express. And more than anything else it drives my determination to succeed in my quest for music journalist excellence.

Monday, 10 August 2009

I Like... Work Experience / "All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind"

I'm on work experience at NME this week.
Will report back at some point.
I won't say specifically when because I don't owe you anything.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

I Hate... This Feeling / 1st August – This Isn’t It

Today was meant to be the happiest day of my life. I am not exaggerating. This is not hyperbole. But I am feeling worse than ever, just thinking of what could and should have been. Instead I’m going to be a touch psychotic and try to emulate what tonight was intended to be; I’m going to purchase some Michael Jackson merchandise and then watch his ‘Live in Bucharest’ DVD.

I remember the day when Michael announced his O2 residency shows. I was on work experience at Grazia and had heard that the King of Pop himself was due to make an announcement that afternoon. I didn’t have access to a computer that day so had to find some other way of knowing what was going on, so I made sure my many, many trips to the post room coincided with BBC Radio News updates. But upon my final visit of the day nothing has happened but Michael Jackson being extremely late. Oh well, he is Michael Jackson so he can do that. He can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Whilst on my way home that night I saw a poster at Paddington station, “Michael Jackson – This Is It. 10 shows. July 09.” I just stopped.

I went all the way home with the biggest smile on my face (if you knew me, you would know what a that rarity that is). I sat hypnotised and bemused by footage of Michael’s appearance at the O2. “This is really going to happen,” I thought, “I have the chance to see my idol.” I watched the announcement on repeat on Sky News.

I managed to get one of the pre-sale ticket codes so was poised and ready on Ticketmaster at 6.30 am on the morning in question. But I just kept being greeted by the rotating doughnut of destiny (you know, “your wait time is 15 minutes.” That bastard.) A few hours and many curse words later and I had it. One ticket. 1st August. Row J.

Later that day my dad emailed me to say this:

“You have been considerably upgraded for the Jacko gig on Saturday the 1st. Details are below.

You are in row 4, seat 33, in the absolute centre block on the floor.

I do this because I understand the value and the sheer joy of witnessing your heroes "close up and personal" and of course because I love my children.

I'd do the same thing for Meg or Zoe [my sisters FYI] - but first off you have to have a hero, I won't do it just for any old artist.

There aren't many opportunities in life to make dreams come true, so I think it's always best to grab the chance when it comes along.

I hope the wait for the King of Pop is worth it and that the gig is all that you hope it to be.”

Yeah, my dad is the best, I know. He upgraded me to the Thriller VIP package because he knew just how much seeing Michael Jackson would mean to me. It all got me thinking about how it was that I came to be so enamoured with Michael in the first place. *Cue sentimental music suitable for a stroll down memory lane...*I came home one day from school, I must have been 12 at the time, and for some reason I was really into watching this programme on MTV called ‘The [insert artist’s name here] Story.’ It had a very basic format; they would play all the videos of one artist and scroll chronological, biographical facts about them across the bottom of the screen and it usually wasted thirty minutes of my life. But on this day it was ‘The Michael Jackson Story’ and it was a few hours long. “Bloody hell he must be interesting, I had better watch this,” I thought.

Three hours later and the impact had been made and I remember thinking exactly this, “I can’t believe a man so great and music so good exists.” Verbatim. I quickly collected all his albums and listened to them every day, read books about him during silent reading Englsih lessons and covered my school bag in MJ badges. Nobody else got it, kids would ask, “Why do you like him? Do you want him to abuse you or something?”

My obsession was just as strong on 25th June, which unfortunately was another I day I sat fixed on Sky News. I cried and felt sick. I didn’t and still don’t know what to do. The next morning I got up early after only a couple of hours sleep and tried to busy myself. I was washing glasses that were not even dirty and ‘One Day in Your Life’ came on the radio. That got me. I cried until it hurt.

So tonight will be the first time I sit down and listen to his music again since 25th June. I had listened to at least one MJ song a day since I was twelve but after he passed away I have just been too upset. I was ecstatic just at the thought of hearing ‘Will You Be There?’ live (it was the song that made me learn to play the piano), yet there I was but a few weeks ago hearing it being sang at his memorial service.

I love you Michael Jackson.

Friday, 31 July 2009

I Like... Predictions / THE LIBERTINES AGAIN IN 2010

Say it with me, "The Libertines again in 2010."
That's right. I'm saying it; at some point next year The Libertines will reunite.
Not only that but I bet there will be new material too. I'm guessing a short EP followed by a long player.
Bilo and Biggles won't be able to resist or deny it for much longer.
Watch this space.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

I Like... Girl Power / Out With The Old & In With The New

The new editor of NME has been announced: Krissi Murison.

The last time I was on work experience with NME, it was her final week there as deputy editor before leaving for New York to become NYLON's New Music Director. People were making speeches, getting all teary and presenting gifts. It was all so lovely until a fellow workie (who's name I never did come to know, I just had to nudge her and call her "mate" when I wanted to indicate it was time to go to lunch) kept making noise and pretty much ruined the sentimental moment by getting all up in Miss Murison's face trying to get contact details for NYLON. Finally, someone snapped and told her she was being inappropriate and then the unnamed workie breaks into tears and drops the bomb, "I have autism but didn't mention it on my CV or application form."

Bloody hell. That was uncomfortable. At that point I grabbed my things, thanked the people I had worked with that week and ran.

Anyway, I think Krisi Murison is an excellent choice of editor. She is to be NME's 11th editor and the first female to take the reins in the title's 57 year history. It's quite the understatement to say that her rise to editor is encouraging and inspiring for an aspiring journalist like myself; she went from lowly work experience kid to junoir staff writer, then onto new bands editor, then features editor and finally deputy editor in just six years. The definition of impressive. And now she's all set to take over on 1st Sepetmber.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

I Like... Effort / Peter Doherty - Broken Love Song

Pete Doherty's new video is so cute. It acutally looks like some effort has gone into it. He does a little bit of acting (mostly forlorn gazes) and paces around. Plus it seems as though they went all out by spending the whole production budget on gallons of water. Actually, in order to make rain show up on camera, milk is added to water to make it more visible; fact. (Anyone else who has ever been on the 'Earthquake!' ride in Universal Studios will already know this)

Anyway, this is far better than his last poor excuse for a music video. The meeting for this video to throw around some creative ideas must have gone thusly:

"We should probably just put him in a suit and hat and let him mime at the camera. Pete will be wearing that anyway and we can just film it in the kitchen or something.”

“Yeah, but let’s mix it up a bit and do some filming outside. I’ve got a football in the boot of my car. Let’s just get some footage of Pete having a kick about.”

“Good idea. Really original, but we need something to keep people watching right until the end. Something kind of taboo... I know: a gay kiss! It has nothing to do with the lyrical content of the song or the previous events in this so far hum-drum video but no one watches MTV anymore, and when you do turn it on they only show The Hills anyway.”

Skip to 3.25 mark for the lip locking action.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I Like... D.I.Y / Make Your Own - Greatest Hits

Who wouldn't want to receive this?

I made this CD for a friend with a serious musical-taste deficiency. I mean, we're talking about someone who went to a John Barrowmen concert ALONE a little while ago. Shameful. However, the same friend also gained distinction in his first year exams at Oxford University (studying Medicine) so I'm pretty sure there's a direct correlation between me giving him this gift of enlightenment and his academic success. No need to thank me.

This is the first in a series of "There's Nothing Better Than..." compilation CDs. They're going to be the new "Now That's What I Call Music".

Friday, 17 July 2009

I Like... Merchandise / Michael Jackson OFFICIAL Goods for Sale

Some are saying it’s in bad taste, but I think it makes sense to release the memorabilia that I and many others were going to spend a small fortune on over the next few months. I looked in my diary today and saw where I had written down “August 1st – Michael Jackson @ O2!” I drew a little heart too. I feel sick looking at it now.

If you are going to buy something with Jackson’s beautiful visage on it, please buy something official. Don’t give your money to any twat with iron-on transfers, plain t-shirts and an ebay account; go to and invest in some of the good shit they have on offer.

Apparently it had all been approved by MJ himself, which I don’t doubt as throughout his career his merchandise was second to none; he turned himself into a commercially viable brand and therefore putting his face or name to anything meant $$$.

Here are the gems I’ll be investing in.

T-shirts – there are some beauties available.

Dancing Feet - This is a classic. Nothing else is needed here. The name. The shoes. The socks. The magic.

Rainbow - I’m quite freaked out by anything bearing the words “This Is It”; it’s just way too sinister. However, the vibrant rainbow of colour against that unmistakeable silhouette is rather eye-catching. I think that is a true sign of super-stardom; when you are recognisable by shadow alone.

Numbered Event - These shirts are strictly limited edition. Each night a new version of this shirt would have been sold for one night only with a number on the back commemorating the number of the show the adoring crowd would have been blessed to see. So whichever night you may have been dreaming of seeing Jackson, the t-shirt will be available 24 hours only. I am waiting for my #9 shirt.

Bracelet - This is all girly and cute, so I want one. It looks like a knock-off Tiffany bracelet but is way better because of the regal engraving on the padlock. I’ll take it.

Playing cards – I thought ‘Chase the Ace’ couldn’t get any better, but clearly I was wrong.

Sleeping Mask – This is C.O.O.L. I will be wearing this on my transatlantic flight in August; I will sleep well knowing how good I look and knowing how much entertainment those around me will derive from it. 

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I Like... Making My Point / NME Letter of the Week

What can I say? When I'm right, I'm right.
My letter is pretty much the best thing in NME this week.
If you, like me, are also a true MJ fan, I suggest you head to your nearest newsstand and invest in the one-off Smash Hits tribute issue.

It's the only "commemorative" magazine worth buying as they've simply complied material from their archives; cute posters, lyrics, a phenomenal write-up on the launch of the Bad Tour in Japan (1987) and an interview from 1982. Plus on the back inside page is one of my all-time favourite Jackson images
Also, be sure to check out the cover of Q. The image is so striking. I stood and examined it, for what a healthy by-stander would call "a worrying amount of time", yesterday.

Other action true Jackson fans can and should take is to send angry emails to the editor of OK! The message that just left my outbox will probably land me with a restraining order but I'm OK! with that. They violated him last week on the cover and have now turned to his children this week: inappropriate and unnecessary.