Monday, 16 March 2009

I Like... My Blog / First post, so I shall begin as I intend to go on... Gushing over my favourite pop stars.

Michael Jackson has taken over the world again and I love it. Since getting a ticket to his 1st August show I’ve had his entire back catalogue on repeat non-stop - including the delights of his early Motown solo albums (there are some gems if you listen really hard y’know). I am of the opinion that Bad could have been better than Thriller if real instruments rather than synths and drum machines had been employed. Whatever, you can’t beat an album that opens with the line “Your butt is mine.”

I’ve been unhealthily obsessed with Jackson since I was, I don’t know, 12? Which doesn’t seem like such an amazingly long time (eight years) but while everyone else at school was busy “finding themselves” and discovering pain, hurt and their own emotional turmoil’s to the soundtrack of Nirvana, I was happily engrossed in the best pop songs ever written. Anyone blessed with the ability to hear yet refutes the genius of Jackson has serious issues that I think they need to address and work through.

I could gush how much I love Michael Jackson or go on about the time I tried to buy a yellow basketball outfit that he wore during the Jackson 5’s TV series from a Motown Cafe that was later turned into a Bubba Gump’s Shrimp House for another few hundred words or so, but I’m going to watch my Dangerous Tour DVD instead. I’ll most likely become even more excited about the prospect of seeing my hero in the flesh (?) that I’ll sweat and pass out with anticipation just like all the weird foreign fans they show on compilations you see that make MJ look like a deity. Which, let’s face it, he so is.


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