Monday, 6 April 2009

I Like... Recognition / I’m a high achiever... Honestly.

I worked really hard at college and all I got was this lousy certificate.
And mandatory book tokens. I feel like all the hard work and the two years of isolation that made up my time at college was definitely worth it now. I actually loved my lessons but hated approximately 95% of the other students. My award was for being pretty much the best English student (ever).

English is the only subject anyone should bother studying for two reasons: -

1) Idiots think it’s “well easy.” They think, “I can speak English”, (barely, of course) “therefore I’ll be good at it.” Wrong. Listening to some of the less able members of the class trying to analyse Middle English texts and trying to deduce some kind of linguistic evaluation often made my day.
2) Subjects like Maths and Science are too abstract, useless and boring.
When awkwardly shuffling up to receive the above certificate, a small bit of your academic history and achievement was recalled, which you were also given a printed copy of.
I like that the end bit had been quickly scrawled through with a biro.

FYI: I spent about a month at uni in September and quickly realised it was, for lack of a more eloquent adjective, shit. Student lifestyle, in my mind, is to be avoided at all cost. I hated it. I don’t understand what the fuss is about.
Despite government propaganda, university is NOT your fail-safe guarantee to a successful, interesting, satisfying career, an equally gifted spouse and perfect kids who can play numerous instruments. Sorry to break it to you.

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