Friday, 1 May 2009

I Hate... Thoughtless publications and the people who read them / Questionable

Baby up-skirt shots? Seriously? Heat magazine is working with some sick bitches.
Gossip rags make me feel quite uncomfortable. I was interning at one not very well-respected weekly publication and they had me put together picture galleries for their website (who even goes on their sites anyway?) all day, every day.

I just had to trawl through the fruits of the paparazzi’s labour, and write cringey captions about photos of the Beckham family going for a walk! A walk! They instructed me to, “find something interesting about the photos and make a comment.” It got about as interesting as “David and his son were sporting matching hats while out and about”. It made me want to hurt myself a bit.

Also, they had the cheek to ask me to complete a grammar and spelling test. One of the sections involved putting missing apostrophes into sentences. Anyone want to tell me where the apostrophe goes in this sentence?

The train will be leaving soon.

Nowhere, right? “Trick question,” I thought to myself.

They claimed it went at the end of the word “leaving”. I more than passed my English Language A-Level, don’t even try to fool me. Is the apostrophe replacing a missing letter, therefore making the lexis in question a contraction? No. Does the lexis in question belong to an object within the sentence? No, it’s an active verb, losers.

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