Thursday, 14 May 2009

I Like... Anticipation & Illusions / This Is It - Update

Finally, details of Michael Jackson's O2 residency. This is how the musical event of a lifetime (that's right, lifetime) is shaping up: -

- Kenny Ortega has been brought in as director and choreographer for the shows. Okay, he's the guy behind High School Musical but he did work with Jackson on his previous world tours. The Dangerous tour was literally AMAZING. MJ pops up like bread does from a toaster in cartoons and then just gazes at the crowd for an uncomfortable amount of time. 100% still. Those crazy motherfuckers lose it when he takes off his sunglasses and rips into Jam. AMAZING. He performs the bewitching Smooth Criminal anti-gravity lean (no strings), disappears in a floating coffin during Thriller, moonwalks for miles during Billie Jean and leaves the stage with the aid of a jet pack. AMAZING. However, by the time the HIStory tour rolled around his Jesus complex had set in and things got a little weird.

- Anyway, an AEG Live promoter has said, "It's going to be the biggest, most technologically advanced arena show - and the most expensive - ever mounted." Good. So it should be.

- Michael will play an 18 - 22 song set list. I would have him stay onstage for at least 6 hours but 20 songs sounds acceptable.

- There will apparently be 22 different sets. What? 22? How is that even possible? Whatever, it's going to be magical.

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