Saturday, 25 July 2009

I Like... Effort / Peter Doherty - Broken Love Song

Pete Doherty's new video is so cute. It acutally looks like some effort has gone into it. He does a little bit of acting (mostly forlorn gazes) and paces around. Plus it seems as though they went all out by spending the whole production budget on gallons of water. Actually, in order to make rain show up on camera, milk is added to water to make it more visible; fact. (Anyone else who has ever been on the 'Earthquake!' ride in Universal Studios will already know this)

Anyway, this is far better than his last poor excuse for a music video. The meeting for this video to throw around some creative ideas must have gone thusly:

"We should probably just put him in a suit and hat and let him mime at the camera. Pete will be wearing that anyway and we can just film it in the kitchen or something.”

“Yeah, but let’s mix it up a bit and do some filming outside. I’ve got a football in the boot of my car. Let’s just get some footage of Pete having a kick about.”

“Good idea. Really original, but we need something to keep people watching right until the end. Something kind of taboo... I know: a gay kiss! It has nothing to do with the lyrical content of the song or the previous events in this so far hum-drum video but no one watches MTV anymore, and when you do turn it on they only show The Hills anyway.”

Skip to 3.25 mark for the lip locking action.

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