Thursday, 9 July 2009

I Like... Making My Point / NME Letter of the Week

What can I say? When I'm right, I'm right.
My letter is pretty much the best thing in NME this week.
If you, like me, are also a true MJ fan, I suggest you head to your nearest newsstand and invest in the one-off Smash Hits tribute issue.

It's the only "commemorative" magazine worth buying as they've simply complied material from their archives; cute posters, lyrics, a phenomenal write-up on the launch of the Bad Tour in Japan (1987) and an interview from 1982. Plus on the back inside page is one of my all-time favourite Jackson images
Also, be sure to check out the cover of Q. The image is so striking. I stood and examined it, for what a healthy by-stander would call "a worrying amount of time", yesterday.

Other action true Jackson fans can and should take is to send angry emails to the editor of OK! The message that just left my outbox will probably land me with a restraining order but I'm OK! with that. They violated him last week on the cover and have now turned to his children this week: inappropriate and unnecessary.

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