Friday, 17 July 2009

I Like... Merchandise / Michael Jackson OFFICIAL Goods for Sale

Some are saying it’s in bad taste, but I think it makes sense to release the memorabilia that I and many others were going to spend a small fortune on over the next few months. I looked in my diary today and saw where I had written down “August 1st – Michael Jackson @ O2!” I drew a little heart too. I feel sick looking at it now.

If you are going to buy something with Jackson’s beautiful visage on it, please buy something official. Don’t give your money to any twat with iron-on transfers, plain t-shirts and an ebay account; go to and invest in some of the good shit they have on offer.

Apparently it had all been approved by MJ himself, which I don’t doubt as throughout his career his merchandise was second to none; he turned himself into a commercially viable brand and therefore putting his face or name to anything meant $$$.

Here are the gems I’ll be investing in.

T-shirts – there are some beauties available.

Dancing Feet - This is a classic. Nothing else is needed here. The name. The shoes. The socks. The magic.

Rainbow - I’m quite freaked out by anything bearing the words “This Is It”; it’s just way too sinister. However, the vibrant rainbow of colour against that unmistakeable silhouette is rather eye-catching. I think that is a true sign of super-stardom; when you are recognisable by shadow alone.

Numbered Event - These shirts are strictly limited edition. Each night a new version of this shirt would have been sold for one night only with a number on the back commemorating the number of the show the adoring crowd would have been blessed to see. So whichever night you may have been dreaming of seeing Jackson, the t-shirt will be available 24 hours only. I am waiting for my #9 shirt.

Bracelet - This is all girly and cute, so I want one. It looks like a knock-off Tiffany bracelet but is way better because of the regal engraving on the padlock. I’ll take it.

Playing cards – I thought ‘Chase the Ace’ couldn’t get any better, but clearly I was wrong.

Sleeping Mask – This is C.O.O.L. I will be wearing this on my transatlantic flight in August; I will sleep well knowing how good I look and knowing how much entertainment those around me will derive from it. 


  1. where did you get that awesome sleeping mask? *_____*

    I WANT it!!! >.<

  2. I mean, the MJ one... ^____^