Friday, 6 November 2009

I Hate... Not being allowed to touch and smell things / The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition

Last weekend I ventured to the O2 to attend what AEG is billing as The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition.

And what a venture it was; I travelled by private car, train, underground, boat and taxi to get there (plus a two mile walk to the Imax cinema to see This Is It for the second time).

Here are some of my favourite items that I viewed with my own fair eyes (NB cameras were strictly not allowed. I was so looking forward to pictures of me sheepishly posing in front of MJ artefacts...)

Oh the glittering gates of Neverland. Pure grandeur.

If I could have taken one display home it would have been this. These masks were used for the Ghosts video when MJ transforms into a ghoul-like being. Oh these were fascinating. I had my face pressed right up against the glass case they were in (most likely put in place to keep freaks like me away). These would look lovely on my bedside cabinet.

This is my absolute favourite of Michael's insanely embellished jackets (and perhaps the most wearable). It probably would have fitted me too.

And oh my gosh - that jumpsuit from the Dangerous Tour which Michael dons for Workin' Day and Night to which he performs the world's most fun group dance choreography which I long to recreate.

I have written a full review for Spark* (Reading University's student paper) which I will upload along with my Morrissey review ASAP.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I Like... Seeing Morrissey once a week / The Final Frontier

Morrissey Season - Part III
Monday night saw the conclusion to my Morrissey tour in Salisbury.
Salisbury City Hall was the venue, which was a cross between an old people's home and a school hall. Also, security insisted on performing full body searches on every member of the audience. When asked what they were looking for, "You know what" was the ambigious reply. I'm pretty sure their high standard of security will continue throughout the panto season when Toyah Willcox is appearing in some vampire-based festivity.

Anyway, the set was pretty much exactly the same as that of the Royal Albert Hall except Ask was artfully interjected, which was 'nice'; I like that song very much. Not as much banter between songs during the show (which is half the enjoyment) but Morrissey did playfully push his band away after they took their bow.

See you at Ally Pally? Maybe.

My full Morrissey review will be up next week.

Oh yeah, and since I'm still on a quest for the tshirt featuring Moz and his band in the nude, here's an outtake from said photoshoot for your delictation.