Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I Like... Summaries / 2009

Here it is - 2009 crushed into a handful of simple categories.

Album of the Year - Morrissey Years of Refusal

Music Video of the Year - Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Happiest Moment of the Year - Getting a Michael Jackson ticket & the ensuing thoughts of fulfilling my dream...

Lyric of the Year - Dizzee Rascal "And I'll never let your belly get empty/Even when your belly's full you're still sexy"

The worst thing to be unleashed upon mankind this year - The Saturdays

I Hate... That Awkward Time Between Christmas Day and New Year's Day / Purgatory

I hate New Year’s Eve, more than any other day of the Roman calendar; all the pressure, hype and hysteria, which leads to, what? Nothing but another day, just like any other. But the one thing I hate more than the dreaded night that is NYE is the mentally testing, tedious few days between Christmas and January 1st. It’s as though nothing but me, time and chocolate covered vanilla fudge exist. So all I can do is sit, wait and eat. You know, just like Purgatory – not bad but definitely not good.

However, the one interesting item that has arisen from the past few never-ending days was watching Diff’rent Strokes THS. I love that show (Diff'rent Strokes, not THS). It’s my all time favourite, feel-good viewing; it bulldozed social, racial and class barriers whilst providing moral messages and delivering warming humour, all at once – what’s not to like? But goodness, those kids were messed up after the show wrapped. Why didn’t Mr. Drummond do anything to help them? Did Willis and Kimberly not watch the anti-drug show which guest starred Nancy Reagan? And what became of Abraham, the fish, after departing the show in season two? But don’t judge them, just remember – ‘what might be right for you, may not be right for some.’

Monday, 28 December 2009

I Like... The Festive Season / "God bless us, every one!"

My favourite part of Christmas was definitely my Nan asking to watch 'Slamdunk Millionaire'. That's right up there with her telling me 'Dustin Kimberly' (Justin Timberlake) was on the radio... It was Craig David.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I Hate... Being In Control of My Own Time / Time Waits For No One

One week into my Christmas holidays. This is what I've got up to thus far:
1) Watched Gavin and Stacey - series 1 and 2 - back to back.
2) Eaten curly fries.
3) Waited for the postman to deliver my Michael Jackson Opus. I'm still waiting...
4) Learnt the Bad Romance choreography.
5) Watched the Royal Variety Performance and was disgusted at Miley Cyrus waving her leather-clad crotch at our Queen. And now I have been exposed to the below video of Miley's younger sister. My disgust deepens.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I Hate... Trying To Buy Clothes / “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

As I have made clear before, I don’t know fashion. We’ve never really met, so clothes shopping and I are equally unacquainted. But how in our Western consumer society is it still so difficult to find a pair of jeans? It took me eighteen years to seek out the one brand of jeans that actually fit my diminutive frame (J.Brand) and after wearing my blue skinnies nigh-on every day since I turned eighteen, I finally admitted I needed to splash out on a new pair last weekend. It seemed simple enough; I wanted the exact same pair I was wearing, in the same size, style and colour but minus the odd holes that have formed on the inside of the knees (odd place for friction, no?)

But oh gosh, now there’s ‘pencil legs’, ‘cigarette jeans’, leggings, jeggings, treggings... None of which fulfilling my simple specification. Alas, I am still without jeans sans uncool holes.

Anyway, the point of this complaint being that clothes shopping is difficult and scary. However, I am interested in this pansy print shirt that Morrissey wore onstage a couple of weeks ago. I’m partial to a fine pansy print.
If you wish to take dressing like Morrissey to the next logical step, you can bid on the silver Gucci suit he wore whilst playing at the Hollywood Bowl in 2007, in support of Farm Sanctuary’s ‘Peace For Animals’.