Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I Hate... That Awkward Time Between Christmas Day and New Year's Day / Purgatory

I hate New Year’s Eve, more than any other day of the Roman calendar; all the pressure, hype and hysteria, which leads to, what? Nothing but another day, just like any other. But the one thing I hate more than the dreaded night that is NYE is the mentally testing, tedious few days between Christmas and January 1st. It’s as though nothing but me, time and chocolate covered vanilla fudge exist. So all I can do is sit, wait and eat. You know, just like Purgatory – not bad but definitely not good.

However, the one interesting item that has arisen from the past few never-ending days was watching Diff’rent Strokes THS. I love that show (Diff'rent Strokes, not THS). It’s my all time favourite, feel-good viewing; it bulldozed social, racial and class barriers whilst providing moral messages and delivering warming humour, all at once – what’s not to like? But goodness, those kids were messed up after the show wrapped. Why didn’t Mr. Drummond do anything to help them? Did Willis and Kimberly not watch the anti-drug show which guest starred Nancy Reagan? And what became of Abraham, the fish, after departing the show in season two? But don’t judge them, just remember – ‘what might be right for you, may not be right for some.’

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