Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I Like... Gettin' Fresh / "It's an old-school thing that Joan Crawford used to do"

My skin has been seriously suffering for the past month for three key reasons;

1) The Nova Flu Virus - this gem of an illness, which I was certain was going to be the cause of my premature death, knocked me out and left me grey and wilting.

2) Janorexia - having little/no money means no skincare treats.

3) Generally feeling blue and battered - too much work and no fun.

So I needed something quick and cheap to pep my fledgling face up, cue skin tips from Kate Moss: "Get some ice, put it in the sink, put some cucumber in there too and stick your head in it." So I did.

The result: this was more refreshing than any cleanser, toner or face mask could ever be. My skin was left feeling taught and clean, whilst I felt wide awake and recharged. This is now an essential step in my skin care regime on days when I need to make a bit of an effort.


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