Saturday, 27 March 2010

I Like... Knowing Things That You Don't Know / NME Work Experience Part VI

I've been at the office of the wonderful NME once again this week. It's always a pleasure.
Next week's cover is EXPLOSIVE. I can say no more as I've been strictly sworn to secrecy. All will be revealed on Wednesday, since "Wednesday is NME day" and all...

I Like... Getting Mah Nails Did / WAH Nails

Gorgeous, right?
The lovely people of Wah Nails have recently set up shop in Tophop Oxford Circus.

Friday, 5 March 2010

I Like... The Monster Ball / Finding My Jesus, Finding My Kubrick

Lady Gaga’s glittering live extravaganza, that is the Monster Ball Tour, was ‘dance for your life’ fantastic. It was like pop gone wild and feral with Disney-on-acid stage sets.

A full review will follow shortly, but allow me to summarise the hours leading up to/during the show:
- My younger sister Zoe is whole heartedly obsessed with Gaga. She eats, sleeps, and breathes Gaga. So when she told me, “Kate, we have to go to the gig in outrageous outfits; all her fans do it”, I believed her.
- Zoe was in fishnet stockings, black patent cage heels, sequin hot pants, freshly dyed blonde hair and straight-off-a-couture-catwalk eye makeup. Her friend Jess was in a backless leotard, two-tone tights (one leg white, one leg black), neon pink platforms and electric blue makeup. And there was I in stockings and suspenders, high waisted satin knickers, dominatrix shoe-boots and cropped Christopher Kane crocodile tee...
- The only other person we caught sight of in costume was a transvestite. People were taking pictures of us, asking to have their picture taken with us and grabbing us to chant “Rah rah ah ah ah ah” in our faces.
- Zoe almost passed out from the deadly combination of excitement and dehydration.
- I still have no feeling in the toes on my left foot from wearing such ridiculous footwear to a gig. But anyway, it was the most electrifying gig I’ve been to in a long time. So we are all fired up to see her again when she plays one more show at the O2 later this year. Also, her merchandise kicks ass – I’m living in my Alejandro t-shirt these days.

I Hate... Cut Backs / Radio Blah Blah

I thoroughly enjoy BBC 6music and I am just one of its 700,000 listeners who is gravely shaking their head at the news of this vital station being axed. 6music just offers the greatest and most diverse range music – that’s it. No gimmicks necessary. If you have the misfortune to listen to Radio 1 for more than a few hours, it is guaranteed you will hear the same catalogue of tepid, top 40 dross over and over again. And why is it that whenever Radio 1 put on those lazy 24 hour request shows on Bank Holidays, the presenters think they are pushing some kind of way-out there broadcast boundary by playing Stairway to Heaven in its entirety? In fact, that’s just the kind of thing that kicks off a 6music show; morning, noon or night. For example, just the other morning I awoke to the realtively unknown Michael Jackson Motown track We're Almost There (from the album Forever, Michael); a song I was convinced I would hear nowhere but the confines of my Ipod. With 6music, it’s in the name – the station does all it can for music: Steve Lamacq is the undisputable king of this distinctive station and champions bands that he genuinely believes in, and not ones record companies have paid him to allot airtime to... *Cough* Radio 1 *Cough*

So I beg of you, sign this petition to keep blessed 6music on the airwaves, because without it we’re all doomed to radio schedule of the insufferable Chris ‘I can’t believe I still have this job as I’m actually an offensive, chauvinistic pig’ Moyles, Fearne ‘I hate admitting that I’m 28, but young girls can totally relate to me because I talk about being bestest mates with my mum all the time’ Cotton and Nick ‘name dropper’ Grimshaw. That is one bleak outlook.

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