Sunday, 30 May 2010

Gary Coleman

I'm very saddened by Gary Coleman's death.

I know he wasn't the cute, chubby cheeked Arnold Jackson for all his life, but despite his considerable health problems he was an absolute and unquestionable star in Diff'rent Strokes.

Diff'rent Strokes is my all time favourite TV show, so angry was I when the now defunct channel 'Trouble' stopped showing it, that I sent a perfectly rational email to demand it be added back to their evening progarmme schedule once more. They just sent back a generic 'Thank you for your opinion, it means a lot to us, but Diff'rent Strokes will not be shown on Trouble anymore, but we wish the cast members much luck for the future.' Well too late for that... Dana Plato had already died from an overdose, Todd Bridges had been in and out of prison on countless charges and Gary Coleman had sued his parents and lost all his fortune to people who took advantage of him. Nice one 'Trouble' - I'm glad your station got shut down.

Which was my favoutite episode? I always liked Arnold in school plays - he made for an amazing Romeo (see below) and his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln is also worth digging up.

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