Thursday, 19 August 2010

I Like... My fellow Michael Jackson Fans / Is this what religion feels like?

Michael Jackson fans are wonderful, but I find them hard to come by face-to-face. Where are they? Would it be way too 1990s of me to get an MJ pen pal? I’m seriously considering it, so whilst I think this over (so far, not one con has entered my head...), please peruse these lovely MJ fan organisations:

1) Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California
This fan club does exactly what it says on the tin; they’re MJ fans based in Southern California. So if you ever want a letter, flowers or a gift taken to Forest Lawn, this lovely lot visit once a month to pay their respects and deliver all donations for Michael there. So thoughtful. Plus they organised the release of 400 doves at Forest Lawn on 25th June, which was an anniversary marker that I was only too happy to contribute to.

Michael Jackson HATED being called ‘Jacko’: fact. So sign this petition because I hate it too and so should you. Plus when I was looking back through some magazine and newspaper archives on Jackson from the late 80s to early 90s, it seems that the media referred to him by this nickname exclusively, which annoyed me and put a halt to my research.

This is my favourite UK MJ fan club, with a few of the team members having previously worked for the Heal the World Foundation and have received official recognition from MJJ Productions for their work. They’re very friendly and knowledgeable MJ fans and are truly dedicated. Plus, I am a contributor to their marvellous network now. Click here to read a review of The Michael Jackson Opus I wrote for them here. More book reviews and other MJ musings coming soon....

And finally, I'm really enjoying this video of Michael at Studio 54. Nice to see him having a nice time:

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