Friday, 8 October 2010

I Like... Iconic Kate / "The glitter of fashion misleads her"

So Kate Moss is kind of shutting up shop with Topshop this month. The official line is that Kate will now be desiging “limited edition drop-in collections.” I.e. not so frequent and not so large collections.

However, the actual news to report here is that to initiate this new fashion venture, Moss has chosen her top ten favourite pieces from her past 14 collections to be reproduced under the label “Iconic Kate.” So with that, here is my personal plea for the ten pieces I’m hoping to be brought back to the Topshop rack:

1) The Panther Dress – This one has already been confirmed as one of the chosen ten, but I just want to lodge my support for it after missing it first time round. I might take up smoking whilst I wear it as well.

2) The Cropped Leather Jacket – You know what this is? The prefect form of the leather jacket - that’s what. When this came out I tried it on, had the money for it in my hand but I actually needed a coat for the winter and thought a garment that fails to reach my stomach may not be the wisest investment. What was I thinking? The leather was so buttery soft and it made me feel instantaneously cool; not feeling I experience all too often. By far the best item from the entire KM for Topshop archives.

3) The Yellow Chiffon Dress – Of course when this piece appeared in her first collection The Daily Mail was all “oh it looks just like that dress she wore that one time.” Yeah? That’s why it’s so desirable – duh.

4) The Corset Tee – So simple but so cool. I was once ripped off with a fake version of this top on Ebay, so a real one would be a treat.

5) The Red Pansy Dress – I believe this is actually the best ever selling KM dress, so surely it’s a shoe-in for reissue? Plus I like pansies and I want red to be “my colour.”

6) The Original Pansy Tea Dress – I actually already own this, but the print is so perfect it makes my eyes water with joy a little bit. So I may buy one in every size available so I can wear it for the rest of my existence or in case I balloon up in the future. The dress is actually an exact copy of a vintage Busstop by Lee Bender dress that Moss owns, but she did us all a big favour by bringing it to the masses.

7) The Black Silk Skirt – Luxury grunge. This will look perfect with the little leather jacket.

8) The Stripy Jumper – There isn’t anything particularly discernable about this item, but I really need some warm clothes in my wardrobe right now, plus Mossy looks too good for words modelling it in the promo shot.

9) The Skinny Jeans – I’m sorely missing some signature Moss jeans and, let’s face it, she singlehandedly made this style of jean the only one anyone with a clue wears anymore. Plus, here’s a shock revelation; I don’t actually have a pair of blue jeans in my wardrobe these days. Honestly, what century am I living in?

10) The Cut-Away Mini – The ultimate LBD; modelled on her “I’m dating Johnny Depp” days but made disgustingly short. Firm thighs required.

And not to be forgotten – Kate’s final seasonal collection hits stores on 28th October and will be comprised of “signature boho-chic, with pretty day-dresses, uber-glam evening gowns, vintage-inspired knits and a new range of semi-precious jewellery.”

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