Friday, 12 November 2010

I Like... Luck / Bello Diablo

Look what I won.
Topshop asked what my favourite Kate Moss for Topshop item was. I told them...

“As gorgeous as every Kate Moss for Topshop garment is in my wardrobe, and as gorgeous as each of those pieces make me feel, from the perfect denim hotpants to the second-skin wet-look maxi dress, the Kate Moss for Topshop item I treasure most has to be the studded leather bag from her debut collection. That little butter-soft shoulder bag has gone everywhere with me for the past three years; from London, to New York to Paris. And everywhere I go girls and women stop to ask where I bought it. It’s draped over me at every gig and festival, and since Kate is the queen of festival chic, she knew exactly what she was doing when designing this beautiful and versatile bag. It’s always good to know that I’m wearing something that has been pre-approved by an unrivalled style icon.”

In exchange they sent me this specially designed jumpsuit, as worn and designed by Miss Moss to her specifications.

There are only two of these jumpsuits in existence, one’s in my wardrobe and the other is in Mossy’s – weird.

The subtle shimmer, art deco inserts on the shoulders and ultra flared legs make me feel like a Rolling Stones groupie (that’s a good thing, obvs).

Thanks to Topshop for selecting me as the winner of their competition, and thanks to Kate Moss for another sparkling design.

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