Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I Like... Recognition / "Working to make butter for my piece of bun"

The above pictures are not only adorable, but sum up my academic work ethic - an ethic which has paid off. Say hello to the recipient of Reading University's Achievement Prize.

After being told that 'we don't give firsts to first year students', I got one. A good one too.

The secret to studious success?
1) Go to the lectures and seminars you're paying for - only fools disobey this financial/moral logic
2) Don't waste your time - i.e. socialising with people you don't actually like; if I don't want you at my funeral I certainly don't want to spend time drinking milky-frothy-cappa-mocha-chinos with you when I could be working.

This studying thing might just work out after all

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