Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Like... Adoration / 'Don’t let your idols be anything but inspirational'

Meeting Michael Jackson was obviously the coolest thing that could happen to a human being, let alone someone who has spent their life dedicated to a man they have never met but know they share some kind of boundless, semi-divine affinity with, an affinity which causes them to scream, cry and just generally melt into a pool of emotion which I imagine afterwards nigh on drowns them. It’s this sudden outburst of sensation that makes watching footage of MJ fans meeting their hero so god-damn heart warming. So here’s a rundown (in no particular order) of my favourite ‘Meeting Michael Jackson Moments.’

1) I like the polite but direct requests of this female fan; she asks for a hug and she gets one, proving the maxim of ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ to be unequivocally true. And then her admirable composure disappears after not only a prolonged hug but also a kiss, and expresses her joy with a fellow fan/friend in a series of non-linguistic but nevertheless reasonable squeals. I also admire the second female fan who takes it upon herself to deliver the message of an entire nation to Michael Jackson. I’m not sure who elected her to do so, but she does so without losing her cool, something which many fans fail to do.

2) The passion runs so high in this clip that it’s kind of confusing; does she want to meet Michael Jackson or doesn’t she? What biologically happens that makes her legs collapse at the sight of Michael Jackson? I don’t know, but the reverence shown by this young lady is commendable. She doesn’t just cry, but she heavily weeps. And I don’t think MJ wanted her to genuflect before him, but the fact that she does so anyway is just lovely. Oh yeah, and there’s a massive gorilla in the background.

3) Another example of emotion gone wild here. To say the least, it must be odd for fully-grown men to begin jumping, twirling and yelping like a Teletubby in front of you, but MJ deals with it well by standing at a healthy distance.

4) My gosh – to stumble across Michael Jackson not only at Disneyland but whilst exiting the Peter Pan ride is like going on safari and spotting rare exotic creatures in their natural habitats. The woman filming sums it up nicely, ‘Oh my word.’

5) So from natural surroundings (for Michael Jackson) to the highly superficial setting of a meet and greet signing. At first this woman seems timid, but she quickly pulls herself together to propose to the King of Pop. Since he takes the ring and does not decline her offer, if I were her I would consider the two of us legally betrothed and I would change my last name to Jackson with immediate effect.

6) Finally, meeting Michael Jackson before a huge crowd of your, no doubt envious, peers must feel just great. Exhibit A: Oh to have been the female fan plucked from the crowd to embrace Michael on stage. I have no idea how the selection process for this privilege worked but I know I would have fought to the death for it – no kidding.

Exhibit B: this fan seriously goes out on a limb here. Presumably he is an MJ fan (why else would he be risking his life to meet him otherwise?) so he must know how important showmanship and perfect performances are to his hero. But despite this knowledge, this fan invades not only the stage but manages to jumps on board Michael’s famous cherry-picker crane; a dangerous decision but one which ultimately pays off as he spends an extended amount of time with Jackson and is even prevented from a fatal fall by Michael. Meeting your idol is one thing, but having them prevent your untimely death is another.

So what have we learnt? In order to get the most out of meeting Michael Jackson these rules are clear; firstly, be direct, concise and clear. If you want a kiss/to be wed/to profess your love, then do so quickly as this was/is the 20th/21st century and unfortunately people do not have time to listen to your feelings in the form of epic love complaints anymore. Secondly, take risks. If you put your life in danger to meet your hero then at least you can rest peacefully in the solace that your final moments were well spent. And, most importantly, let it all out. Don’t hold back – this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments, so bring every emotion you have ever felt with you and be ready to unleash every single of one them simultaneously.

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