Saturday, 27 August 2011

I Hate... Global Live Events / "Don't play the fool for the rest of your life"

Are tribute concerts ever a good idea? Unequivocally, N-O. In what way, in which universe, in whose mind does recruiting a haphazard group of “talent” to perform songs of an artist that they can never do justice to seem like a wise or fitting way to commemorate someone’s talent and life? This rant is of course sponsored by Global Live Events Michael Jackson Forever Tribute concert. With each and every development of this most ill-advised of events, my skin crawls, my blood boils, I excrete a cold sweat of rage and start to yank at my face with frutration. Like so:
Right from the get-go this concert was clearly the ultimate defacement to Michael Jackson and all that he stands for. Firstly, Chris Hunt of Global Live Events seems to be barely able to keep a smug grin from his face as he announces (with a terrible play on song titles, which I’m sure he put more thought into than this disaster of a tribute) that he will be insulting a musical legacy. This unseemly individual also crassly handed Katherine Jackson a hefty cheque to deposit into the saving funds of Michael Jackson’s children. Of course, this seems like a marvellous gesture, but he decided to do so at a press conference which simultaneously embarrassed Mrs Jackson and marked him out as an industry leech if ever there was one. Secondly, the line-up is an embarrassment. Smokey Robinson, you should know better. The thought of Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, Christina Aguilera defacing Michael’s music is actually unbearable for me. Thirdly, Global Events seem to have done everything in their power to make a joke out of their own cause; not only did they make Craig David (WTF?) the premier act to be confirmed, but they also booked Kiss to play. Good idea – Gene Simmons only stated that he thought Michael Jackson was a paedophile. I know, why don’t we just get Tom Sneddon and Diane Dimond to compere the show and that will really offend Michael Jackson fans everywhere? And the latest laughable update? BeyoncĂ© is to perform... via a video link.

It is with much relief that Michael Jackson's fans and estate have both denounced this joke of a tribute. I hope that the Estate of Michael Jackson sues the ass out of Global Live Events for the use of Jackson’s intellectual property without their permission, and I hope fans will congregate and simply bask in the joy of being Michael Jackson fans and being together in Las Vegas in December for the first ever official Michael Jackson Fan Fest.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

DIGITAL WORDS / Idol Interview - Hannah Makes Things

Read my Idol interview with the young queen of trinket-jewellery-cool, Hannah Nuttall HERE.

Here's a couple of my favourite charms that she makes.
Browse and buy HERE.

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