Monday, 7 November 2011

DIGITAL WORDS/ Idol's Top Five: Music Tracks

Find the full five HERE
My choices run thusly:

Friends – I’m His Girl
If you’re not the Fresh Prince of Bel Air it’s difficult to pull off using the adjective “fly.” But I’m going to try anyway as “fly” is the only way to describe this retro 80s funk throwback from Brooklyn band Friends. A band who put cowbell accompaniment and slap bass to good use.

Amy Winehouse – Our Day Will Come
This cover of 1960s American doo wop group Ruby & The Romantics is one of the first couple of songs to have been unveiled as part of a posthumous Winehouse album release. It could have fitted in comfortably anywhere on Back To Black with its warming lilt and Amy’s effortlessly glossy vocals. Hopefully the full LP, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, which is scheduled for an early December release will unearth more unheard material of this high quality. Listen HERE.

Written for IDOL

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