Tuesday, 8 November 2011

DIGITAL WORDS / Oh My! single review

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Electro-pop duo Oh My! get their mockney and deadpan swag on with their second single Dirty Dancer

Songs about meeting boys and wearing new shoes on the weekend? Yawn. But in the hands of London-based double act Oh My! it’s a different matter. Made up of 19 and 20 year old Alex and Jade, not only do they have the sass and blunt put downs that would make Lily Allen proud: “Creative with your chat up lines, you’re staring at me like I’m in a shop, err, stop?” They’ve also got the mockney affectation to match too.

On this Patrick Swayze-referencing track, co-written by Example and featuring an appearance by Tinie Tempah sound-alike Scru Fizzer, Oh My! present themselves as a self aware version of 90s bubblegum double act Shampoo, and keep their tongue-in-cheek lyrics on the right side of downright dodgy cheekiness with their blasĂ© delivery. This is brash, novelty, two-fingers-up pop – whether that be a girl power gesture to their gaudy pop foremothers the Spice Girls, or a fuck-off two-fingered salute, it’s up to you. Both sum up Oh My! pretty well.

Written for IDOL

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