Tuesday, 24 January 2012

DIGITAL WORDS / IDOL's Top 5: Tracks of the Week


New Look – Teen Need
Canadian husband and wife duo New Look continue to produce bytes of lo-fi, barely-there electronica on their latest single Teen Need. Sarah Ruba’s hushed, blasé vocal delivery, which details a linear, adolescent plot of loners at parties, waiting by the phone and being together forever, lends this teenage-centric track some stylised maturity.

Sylver Tongue – Hook You Up
New singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sylver Tongue introduces herself here with this sci-fi electro number, produced by Fever Ray remixer James Rutledge. We don’t know her real name, where she’s from or any of Sylver Tongue’s vital statistics for that matter, but the crisp, twinkling melody of Hook You Up was all it took to captivate us.

Little Green Cars – The John Wayne
The gathering pace, power and pomp of this track from Irish quintet Little Green Cars knocks us out. Mirroring Arcade Fire, with a mixture of sentimental lyrics and a sprawling, folk-rock anthemic sound, Little Green Cars, similarly, are a modest band with big, promising ambition.

Grimes – Genesis
Clare Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, apparently locked herself away in a sunlight starved room to concoct her forthcoming album Visions (to be released on 4AD in March). So considering the darkened gestation process, this airy synth-pop LP preview is something of a pleasant surprise, which sounds, not unfavourably, like Lykke Li floating by on a cloud with ghostly backing vocals on her tail.

Childish Gambino – All The Shine
Donald Glover is best known over in the States for his comedic, writing and acting talents. Not satisfied enough with winning plaudits for his writing for 30 Rock or his role in NBC’s comedy Community, this precocious Californian is now making waves as America’s most potent rap export. Under the stage name of Childish Gambino, Glover has recorded four albums, with last year’s acclaimed Camp being his first studio release, but his name is set to become far more familiar this month with a few sold-out London shows and the release of All The Shine, his debut UK single.

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