Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DIGITAL WORDS / Plant Plants EP2 Review

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Thankfully, the sounds that the awkwardly named Plant Plants make are more creative than their titling skills, as they follow up their debut EP, the unimaginatively titled “EP,” with the equally, functionally christened “EP2.”

As their parallel namesake suggests, Plant Plants are a dual musical act, comprised of Hackney-based friends Stuart Francis and Howard Whatley, who came to work together in 2010 in the sad circumstances of the loss of a few mutual friends and making music the vehicle to release their energies. Naturally, the result is a subdued one, but with a distinctive level of intricacy to Plant Plants’ warped melodies on this four track EP.
The pairs’ fondness for 90s hip hop pronounces itself in their deployment of heavy beats yet it’s an influence they skew with unusual guitar tunings, effects and loops that glaze each track with a spaced-out electro drone. The multiple dreamy layers and the wandering vocals that blend into the atmospherics of tracks like 'One To Adore' and 'Repeaters' sees this shoegazing duo constructing spacious soundscapes.
This EP as a whole benefits from production coming courtesy of Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw and the copious amount of samples Plant Plants incorporate; all of which are the products of live instrumental recordings, rather than digital laptop creations. It’s this organic approach to their craft that separates Plant Plants from unfeeling, robotic electonica and gives their music a hazy wash of warmth.

Words: Kate Allen

Written for IDOL

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