Wednesday, 8 August 2012


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1) Deap Vally – Gonna Make My Own Money

From the suburbs of Southern Califorina comes the roaring blues rock duo Deap Vally. Vocalist and guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards combine their heavily White Stripe indebted sound with the mentality of Thelma and Louise and the denim cut-offs of Daisy Duke. Catch their raucous live sets at Reading and Leeds, and 1234 over the summer.

2) Kindness – That’s Alright

Adam Bainbridge remains hidden for the majority of the video for his new single ‘That’s Alright’ as he instead invites Washington funk band Trouble Funk to perform the track to make his love of 80s new jack swing and the go-go scene clear for anyone who has failed to notice thus far.

 3) Chewlips – Hurricane

Electro pop outfit Chew Lips have unveiled the video for their forthcoming single ‘Hurricane’, featuring classy vocals from front woman Tigs, crop tops and confetti.  

 4) Two Wounded Birds – To Be Young

I'm recommending Two Wounded Birds once again and I'm going to keep ramming them down everyone's throats until you're all as enamoured with them as I am. In my last top five blog post I could barely contain my love for their previous single 'If Only We Remain' and their latest single is hitting the spot too. The video is just as cool as one would expect of the rock n roll quartet; footage of the band was filmed on location at the 100 year old Carlton Cinema in their hometown of Margate and is interspersed with vintage cartoons.

5) Sensual Harassment – Disco Heart

Todd Thomas and Mike Sherburn of Brooklyn disco duo Sensual Harassment’s new video features the adventures of an alien, drug dealing air stewardess. The happy pill merchant is played by notorious blogger Karley ‘Slutever’ Sciortino who also features in the next print issue of IDOL.

Words: Kate Allen

Written for IDOL 

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