Friday, 3 August 2012

DIGITAL WORDS / Luv Luv Luv @ Birthdays (Violet, Tashaki Miyaki and Splashh)

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Last week saw the launch of a new monthly club night at Dalston’s latest music venue, Birthdays, showcasing the best fresh talent on the roster of London label supreme Luv Luv Luv.

Amongst a crowd seemingly made up by a noticeable number of band front men (Theo Hutchcraft, Fred Macpherson, Matthew Murphy and Joe Lean – minus his Jing, Jang and Jong) were Queens of Noize, with label head Mairead Nash front of the audience cheering on each of her newly championed acts.

First onstage was Violet who are fronted by the daughter of Sir Bob, sister of Peaches; Pixie Geldof. Despite Geldof’s socialite status, Violet legitimately found their record label home earlier this year through playing showcases and small gigs, rather than via showbiz connections. In a relaxed fashion they languorously played their debut double A side numbers ‘Y.O.U.’ and ‘I Come Undone’ amongst a handful of new material, including a downcast audio love letter titled ‘Cherry Pie.’ Violet’s set was one of introverted moody grunge and confidently lead by Pixie who treds the line between sulky and sultry well, all the while having to deal with a dress that refused to stop riding up.

Staying in line with the mellow mood were LA duo Tashaki Miyaki who were accompanied by a guest bassist for the evening, which helped to buff up their drone and reverb laden zoned-out rock sound. The driving force, literally, of the band is drummer and vocalist Lucy whose voice is of a constant dreamy elegance and who was polite and sweet enough to thank “Everyone in London for being so nice,” before leaving the stage.

The mood changed as 11pm neared and the band everyone was truly there to see were due to play. Whilst on record Splashh convey slack pop, when they unleash the likes of ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Need It’ live they shed the shoegaze suggestions and instead perform with an unbridled youthful energy. Their vigour does not falter throughout their seven song set and is so zealous that it makes even the coolest of East London audiences sweat, mosh and crowd surf without reserve.

Words: Kate Allen
Photos: Zoe Allen 
Written for IDOL 

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