Monday, 22 October 2012

I Hate... Bad Michael Jackson Books / "Michael Jackson: The Bad Year" Review

** I originally wrote this review to go alongside my previous write up on Todd Gold's "Michael Jackson: The Man in the Mirror." However, fans do not like the author of this book so it was decided not to publish this on MJWN. So here it is instead. **

This is a book that I have read so that you, dear fans, won’t have to. Written by Rick Sky who, at the time of writing, was the pop music editor of the Daily Mirror. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this vapid little volume. Published in 1994, "Michael Jackson: The Bad Year" cashes in on the post-1993 toxic tabloid furore that was launched on Michael by reprinting some of the most ludicrous and salacious stories of the time. Some of them are so ridiculous they’re funny. For example, the claim that Michael refused to eat any meals that were not named after a Disney character such as “Pluto pie.” This idle piece of gossip is, of course, inconsequential, but in a book that attempts to tell us what happened when Michael was accused of child abuse in 1993, the willingness to include such absurd details and idle gossip puts the integrity of this entire book and its author in serious jeopardy. The one redeemable feature of this book is the chronology it provides of all events relating to Michael from January 1993 to April 1994, but it’s certainly not enough for me to recommend this book to any of you. 

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