Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DIGITAL WORDS / Five Minutes With Splashh

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(L - R: Toto Vivian, Jacob Moore, Sasha Carlson and Thomas Beal)

What was the last film you saw?
Jacob: The Lincoln Lawyer. That’s a good film.
Sasha: Old School
Tom: I can’t remember the title of it... I’ll get back to you.
Who would your dream date be?
Tom: Alexa Chung.
Sasha: You can’t say that.
Tom: Why? Because it’s Toto’s dream date?
Sasha: Probably an actress. Scarlett Johansson.
Jacob: How superficial are we? [Laughs]
Toto: I’m going to say a supermodel. I don’t know a name.
Sasha: Who’s that girl from Ted? Mila Kunis. Or Natalie Portman – that’s who I should have said.
If you could be good at anything, like a sport or skill, what would it be?
Tom: Building houses. I don’t know.
Sasha: High jump. It’s pretty sick.
Toto: Flying.
Jacob: Skateboarding.
When you were younger what posters were on your bedroom walls?
Sasha: Michael Jordon and skateboarders.  
Tom: Geri Halliwell.
Jacob: The Beatles and skateboarders.
Toto: I had surfboarding posters; big waves and girls in bikinis.
If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Sasha: Flying Lotus.
Toto: Collaborate musically?
Tom: No, sexually [Laughs].
Toto: We’re not good at these questions, are we?
Sasha: Maybe Mozart or Beethoven.
Jacob: Tame Impala would be good.
Sasha: James Murphy would probably be top.
Jacob: And Beck.
Toto: There’s so many. We could go on and on. What about Timbaland?

Splashh’s new single 'Vacation' is out now.

Interview by Kate Allen
Photography by Samuel Bradley 
Written for IDOL

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