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Live Review: Splashh @ The 100 Club, 03/12/2012

2012 has been the year of Splashh. In less than a year they formed and established themselves as the foremost purveyors of ‘90s psych revival – a movement won’t be fading away anytime soon. Tonight, their packed out show at the legendary 100 Club feels like the final and fitting huzzah for the hard working and not-so-slacker quartet.

Despite their set falling foul of persistent technical problems (the drummer can hear too much guitar, whilst the bassist can’t hear any) such setbacks do little to hinder proceedings, as proven by the fervent mosh inspired by Splashh’s high octane take on grunge. Stage right of The 100 Club is where one goes to get loose on a Monday night, evidently.

The band’s polite introduction of, “Hi, we’re Splashh,” seems rather redundant in front of a crowd who are driven as crazy by B-sides like ‘So Young’ as they are by ‘All I Wanna Do’ – arguably, the best single of the year.

Just as the audience’s energy never falters, neither does the band’s. Amongst a selection of new material, which, on first listen, sounds a little baggier than their previous releases, they mercilessly thrash out the indie scuzz delights of ‘Headspins’, ‘Vacation’ and ‘Washed Up’. Sasha Carlson’s visceral vocals give grit to every track; whilst Jacob Moore’s powerhouse drumming provides Splashh with an on point and controlled edge.

Polishing off this celebratory gig is an extended, hypnotic version of ‘Need It’ (arguably, the second best single of the year) which has quickly become their signature closer. Yet as masterful as their performance is tonight, some signs of being at ease or interaction between band members wouldn’t go amiss, rather than remaining in concentrated isolation on their individual roles. Guys – you rock. We want to see you enjoying it as much as we do.

-Kate Allen

Written for Notion

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