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DIGITAL WORDS / Splashh "Comfort" Album Review

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For a band that have moved so quickly and produced a handful of faultless singles in the process, the wait for Splashh’s debut album has felt like a long one.
For those who have been trying to keep up with Splashh, just a third of Comfort will provide new material for your listening pleasure. The first half of the album is made up by the band’s already impressive collection of single releases and noteworthy b-sides; ‘All I Wanna Do’,’ Need It’, ‘Vacation’, ‘Feels Like You’, ‘Headspins’ and ‘So Young’. And an early favourite, ‘Lemonade’, also rightfully made the cut, although the omission of ‘Washed Up’ is questionable.
So what of the actual new material that Splashh have to offer? Well, it sounds – believe it or not – like Splashh. There are no huge surprises to be found on Comfort but that’s no disservice to this reverb-drenched, sun-faded foursome. When you do revivalist grunge pop so well why turn your hand to anything else?
‘Green & Blue’ is a gentle come down serenade featuring some lightly delivered lyrics from vocalist Sasha Carlon (“…slowly come down/ Where have you gone? / Where have you gone?”) against the backdrop of C86 guitar thrums. ‘Strange Fruit’ seems to be Splashh’s first attempt at a love song as they coo over “the strangest tasting fruit” that they “can’t get enough of” – “Some kind of flavour that I can’t quite describe.” It’s endearingly sweet, schoolboy stuff and has an air of ragtag, Libertine-era Pete Doherty charm about it. You know, when he used to be able to flatter the ladies through song.
‘Lost Your Cool’ is an apt conclusion to this all too short LP. It leaves the boys fading out on a wave of bright organs, those scratchy guitar sounds of theirs and fumbling, youth-centric lyrics – thus giving the impression that as the record draws to a close they’ll carry on with their tried-and-tested beach bum ways beyond this debut album.
Comfort may be free of anything unanticipated or startling but it’s no mean feat that Splashh have in fact met expectation and consolidated all of their lo-fi fashioned hits and hooks into one solid, must-have premiere collection. It ain’t a bad start.

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