Monday, 30 June 2014

PRINTED WORDS / Iconic Magazine #15 OUT NOW

The latest issue of Iconic Magazine is available now.

The theme of the issue is Michael Jackson and the movies. 

Oh, and what's that on the cover? A never before seen image? If that's what's on the front page, just imagine how good the content inside of the magazine is...

Inside this edition a number of people who worked on Jackson's big screen projects, Moonwalker and Captain EO, as well as looking at his silver screen debut, The Wiz. Meanwhile, I take on the subject of Michael's near-misses of working with Tim Burton...

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DIGITAL WORDS / Conway Interview

I conducted a quick Q&A with Conway.

She also recorded a couple of exclusive sessions for Disorder.

Read the interview and watch Conway live HERE

Thursday, 19 June 2014

DIGITAL WORDS / Lana Del Rey 'Ultraviolence' Album Review

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The title of Lana Del Rey’s debut album – 2012’s Born To Die – was apt. Dear Lana was the sacrificial lamb of online “tastemakers” and music press alike. Whilst Vogue were happy to plaster her face on their cover and H&M willing to make her their spokesmodel, music communities were tearing her apart as fervently as they once extolled the virtues of mega underground hit ‘Video Games’.

Against the odds Lana Del Rey overcame the instant backlash that greeted her rebellious prom queen persona (please, let’s put that “gangster Nancy Sinatra” quote to bed – she probably regrets saying it as much as I hate repeating it). Not only did she survive the widespread obsession with her authenticity, she’s come out of it with an unanticipated aura of intrigue. For a star willing to contribute to Hollywood soundtracks and sing at the most celeb of celebrity wedding events, she has kept her autonomy and privacy admirably intact.

Could any of Lana’s contemporaries have met their chosen album producer (Black Keys’ Dan Auberbach) in a strip club and kept it to themselves? No, of course not – TMZ would have been alerted and Instagram furnished with a “check out how edgy I am” snapshot. Whilst Lana Del Rey holds as much sway as pop’s most A-list of lady artistes, she is in fact in a wholly different league. She adds so much more to pop culture’s conversation than, say, a Rihanna, Lorde, Beyonce or even a Lady Gaga. Her subversion is, well, more subversive. She quietly yet proudly poeticises darkness, seediness and self-destruction. She tells interviewers she wishes she was “dead already” and has opted out of music’s current obsession with forcing women into the feminist debate ring. “For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept...” she told Fader. At last! Someone had the guts to say it! Her aversion to fame seems to arise from her singular consciousness of how ridiculous it is. It’s this mix of reluctance and self-awareness that makes Lana Del Rey queen. 
As a whole, Ultraviolence does indeed live up to the Lana’s cultivated level of intrigue even if its individual songs do not. Much of what she established about herself as an artist on Born To Die carries over onto Ultraviolence – she’s still captivated by beauty queens with death wishes and daddy issues, and she still manages to sound dead of eye and pouted of lip – yet opener ‘Cruel World’ establishes it is a very different record. The hip hop beats and capsule hooks have been replaced by heavy washes of guitar and wandering vocal lines. The overall pace is more measured, the attitude more resigned and personality more distinct. The gloss remains but there’s a definite level of refinement

As Lana works her way through her litany of doomed damsels and bad boy love interests, she luxuriates in this comfort zone without becoming complacent. She persists with her tropes and articulates her visions fearlessly. What Lana Del Rey does, she does so very, very well – the sweetest of vocals, the sourest of lyrics, making nightmares sound like fantasies and tragedies like romances.

Written for DISORDER

Monday, 16 June 2014

DIGITAL WORDS / Which Celebs Are Wearing The Blonds? ALL OF THEM

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Pretty much all of pop’s reigning princesses are on the tour or the promotional trail right now. And their stage wear is killing it. You’ll notice similarities in the most eye-popping costumes of Katy, Miley, Iggy et al – skin-tight, high-legged, sumptuous-coloured, glittering one pieces… That’s because many of their outfits are coming from one design team – The Blonds.

Founded in 2007 by Phillipe and David Blond, The Blonds collections are instantly identifiable thanks to their commitment to ostentation, glamour and glitz. It’s no wonder so many pop babes are choosing to wear The Blonds right now… Check out some of our favourites…

BeyoncĂ©’s Crystallised Boobs
Bey kicked off her ‘Mrs Carter’ world tour wearing a press-coverage-grabbing leotard that featured a sparkly rendering of the ‘Flawless’ singer’s breasts. Phillipe Blond explained that the outfit was inspired by Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings of the female body and was designed to “give the illusion of being covered in crystallized honey”. The finished outfit featured 30,000 Swarovski crystals that took in excess of 600 hours to apply.

Britney Spears Turns Disco Show Girl
Britney has rocked so many Blonds creations that it’s tricky to pick a favourite… The black spangled corset in her ‘Scream and Shout’ video? The star-spangled silver dress she wore in promotional images for her ‘Circus’ album? No, the crowning  Britney x Blonds hook up was the low-cut, feather-shouldered number she modelled for her ‘Work Bitch’ single cover art.

Jennifer Lopez’s Red Hot Number
Another Blonds devotee who has worn their designs on more than a dozen occasions, Jennifer Lopez has the ultra-feminine shape Philip and David seem to design for. Whilst ‘Live It Up’ – yet another yawnsome duet with Pitbull – hardly set the Billboard Awards alight last year, J.Lo’s Blonds devil-red leotard with feathered sleeves and paired with some thigh-high Christin Louboutin boots certainly did the trick.

Bejewelled Iggy Azalea
For her debut Billboard cover, I-G-G-Y wrote her name in bold with a high-necked, long-sleeved crop top from The Blonds’ Fall 2014 collection featuring an intricate jewel print. So popular is this print that J.Lo wore the bodysuit version of this design with added garter belt and stockings for a homecoming Bronx show in the same week.  

Sex Kitten Katy Perry
Many a dazzling Blonds corset has adorned the body of Katy Perry and she’s stayed true to both the design duo and her Katy Kats on her current ‘Prismatic’ world tour in the form of a head-to-toe pink catsuit (literally). On a tour that also features an inflatable dress, a plethora of rainbow wigs and giant emojis, it’s impressive that The Blonds’ work still stands out.

Princess Nicki Minaj
Whilst Nicki Minaj is currently into a more modest look than the garish, cartoon style she became known for, let’s not forget the moment she mixed class with girly colour in her ‘Moment 4 Life’ video. For her fairy tale wedding to Drake, Nicki wore a flowing, crystal accented blue dress from The Blonds’ Spring 2011 line.

Miley Cyrus Bangz One Out
The Blonds’ outrageous outfits have played a huge part in making Miley Cyrus and her ‘Bangerz’ tour the talk of the tabloids. The ultra-high-legged bodysuit is revised numerous times throughout the ‘Bangerz’ show thanks to the adornments of a pair of giant lips with a wagging tongue (obviously), dollar bills manipulated into clothing and glazed cannabis leaf prints. The only get up we wouldn’t mind trying out for ourselves has to be the cowl-hooded white number topped off with a Big Bird-yellow furry coat. 

Written for GALORE