Sunday, 17 August 2014

I Hate… Conjecture / “Let me have it. Let me grab your soul away”

Have you heard? Kate Bush is playing live for the first time in, like, forever. Yeah,  weird right?
We all know the story. 1979: The Tour Life. Then? No more tours or standalone concerts from Kate Bush.
What do we know about her beautifully out of the blue Before The Dawn dates? Sweet FA.

But, of course, magazines and newspapers are shambling together the ropiest of features and speculative bullshit in order to try and seem part of the elusive buzz that only Kate Bush can concoct.
Women’s magazines have been running wafer thin articles such as “How Kate Bush Influenced Fashion”  and they bat around adjectives like “billowing” and “romantic” blah blah blah. She’s beautiful. Sometimes she wore flowing gowns. Sometimes she wore informal dancewear. Kate Bush is above and beyond anything as menial as fashion and trends. End of.
As for anyone trying to guess what will happen on August 26th when Kate Bush arrives on stage – you are, unequivocally, a fool and beyond help. No one has ever been able to second guess Kate Bush. And anyone that Kate Bush doesn’t want knowing her business does not know her business. Period. So let’s stop wondering, “Will she do ‘Wuthering Heights’?” “Will she be dancing?” Let’s all just appreciate the fact that we still have an artist who can captivate, surprise and truly thrill. She could come on stage dressed in a bin bag and spit at her sold-out audiences and we should still be grateful just for her very presence.
For anyone hoping for “special guests” – who the hell could be more “special” than Kate Bush?
And as sign-off to this rant I took offense at this hot gas from The Independent last weekend that, on the subject of dance, said: “it’s simply unbecoming for a woman of a certain age to be prancing about, and certainly not in the leotard and leg-warmers of the 1979 shows.” 
Who is to say what and is not appropriate for a woman of any age? Let alone KATE BLOODY BUSH.
Please allow me to make this clear *coughs to clear throat and speaks into megaphone*: Kate Bush can do whatever she likes, whenever she likes and you had better appreciate it.

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