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DIGITAL WORDS / Alisa Ueno Interview

I interviewed Japanese IT girl Alisa Ueno for My Flash Trash.

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Please describe Fig & Viper.
Japanese women’s fashion brand
. Six retail stores in Japan

What is your day-to-day routine like at work?
Desk work-shooting-meeting

When you are designing do you ever have a particular person in mind that you want to wear those pieces? Or do you create according to your own tastes?
Both. I have muses on each season for example, Rita Ora was my muse for 2013 S/S. But not for all clothing because I have to make many stuff including mainstream on trend items and stuff.

You’ve previously said that London girls have a good eye for fashion. What do you like about London girls’ style?
They’re really good at mixing used clothing with original new stuff,
and the way they dress up is so unpredictable but natural at the same time, London girls are  phenomenal! Also, since London is such a fancy city, maybe that is why they are so fashionable.

What first got you interested in fashion?
I’ve been really into fashion since when I was in kindergarten. But when I started to model, that's when I really got what fashion is.

Who is your all-time fashion idol?
No one in particular.

Which aspects of your work life do like the most – modelling, designing or DJing?
Designing! I love all of my jobs, but designing is my main job and it is my expression.

What are your top tips for girls who want to get into fashion design?
Quick actions and play hard! Always create your own lifestyle and self-plan!

What achievements in your career are you most proud of?
Walked on the red carpet of “Transformer” Japan premier as a Japanese guest. Won a “best hair awards” as a new style section! Both of them were my pride achievements in Japan.

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