Wednesday, 29 October 2014

DIGITAL WORDS / Aura Friedman Interview

I interviewed New York's most-wanted hair colourist for My Flash Trash

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We reached out to Aura Friedman – the hottest hair colourist in all of NYC – to talk about must-have products, celebrity clients and lock shocks…

How did you get started in the industry? 
I randomly started working in a salon mid-summer at 15 and it stuck.

Who did you wish you could have hair like when you were a teenager?
 I was into punk and hardcore, I wanted it to be every colour but I stuck with blood red. 

Any personal hair disasters you don’t mind sharing with us? 
My aunt took me to her "beauty parlour" and I walked out with a bowl cut… I had wavy hair. 

What’s your most requested service?

Girls in London are still obsessed with the ombré look… What should we be doing with our hair to stay ahead of the crowd?  
Just express yourself!

You’ve coloured so many celebrities – was there any one who you particularly enjoyed working with? 
It was a lot of fun to give Anna Paquin a colour she had been dreaming of having since she was thirteen. 

You’ve worked with Sky Ferreira a number of times. What is it about her hair that makes it look so covetable all the time? 
I started colouring Sky when she was just 17, the day I made her platinum I watched her skin tone change and face brighten up. It was magic.

If you could transform anyone’s hair, who would it be and what would you do? 
Dakota Fanning, powdery pink beige blonde, very ‘60's. 

Tell us, what is the product, without question, every girl should own… 
Nexxus Pre Wash Primer. You put on your hair before washing your hair. It helps seal in colour vibrancy.

You have a long list of honours to your name. Is there a particular title or project you are most proud of? 
I recently creative directed a few projects: The model transformation videos, they are featured on my YouTube channel, AuraColorist YouTube 

Which do you prefer – working in-salon at Sally Hershberger, working on editorials or backstage at fashion week? 
I love it all.  I've been coming up with concepts and working with some of the most talented people in the industry, this I feel forever grateful for. 

Do you have any top tips for girls who dream of following in your footsteps?
Dream big, you can manifest it all with hard work. Patience is a virtue. 

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