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DIGITAL WORDS / Five Magazines We Wish We Could Read Right Now

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Company, XXL, Vibe… It’s been a dismal month of closures in the world of magazine publishing. As we bid farewell to those three mags, it got us thinking about the other titles we wish we could still pick up from our local newsagents…

Cheap Date 

Lo-fi, indie fashion zine Cheap Date was the ultimate in girly DIY mags. Founded in 1996 by Bay Garnett and Kira Joliffe, Cheap Date specialized in thrift store shopping (before it became “a thing”) and had cover and shoot girls like Liv Tyler, Sophie Dahl and Karen Elson. Vogue’s Garnett indicated in a 2012 interview that she hoped to revive Cheap Date… We’re waiting Bay!

Elle Girl

As the vital stepping stone between cute girl mags that came with free bubblegum and posters of kittens and the proper grown up monthly glossies, Elle Girl UK’s closure after just four years came way too soon. Yes, Peaches Geldof’s little rich girl column was totally unrelatable and no, we couldn’t afford any of the clothes in the fashion editorials, but we loved poring over the articles and pinning the pictures on our bedroom walls.


A magazine exclusively about and targeted at groupies? Umm, yes please! Star was a scandalous, short-lived title aimed at teenage girls which hit the shelves in 1973 and was forced out of publication after five months. Cover stories included the likes of “Are You Ready For An Older Boy?” and “Is One Boy Really Enough?” Actually, we’re surprised Star lasted as long as it did!


“The only official Girl Power magazine”, Spice was the Spice Girls’ impressively glossy and in-depth fanclub offering. It ran for just eight issues, but how glorious those eight issues were. By far the best bit of the mag was the Agony Aunt page where the Spice Girls would help fans with all kinds of personal issues. One torn reader who was trying to decide whether or not to become a nun and dedicate her life to God was told by Posh Spice not to because of the outfit…

Non-Threatening Boys

If Lisa Simson approves of it, then we want it! ‘Nuff said. (However, it was Non-Threatening Boys magazine that lead to her brief addiction to the 555-Corey hotline…)

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