Friday, 2 January 2015

I Like... Remembering all the fun stuff I've done this year / Best of... 2014

Here is a summary timeline of my favourite articles of the past year:

Collage provided by Kawaii Hunny (click to enlarge) 

In January I read a very good but kinda controversial Michael Jackson biography…

February saw me having a chat with Karley Sciortino and worrying about Justin Bieber’s future (why did I bother? He clearly doesn’t care. Does he still have fans?)

By March I moved on to worrying about another pop star: Lady Gaga. I also got very excited about Pharrell Williams’ G I R L the best album of the year, of course!

May was a touch cooler. I boarded The Orwells’ tour bus for an interview with irrepressible front man Mario Cuomo, experienced Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground at their debut UK gig (sadly,the majority of their subsequent shows were either cancelled or cut short), and I caught Carl Barat and his new band The Jackalsplay their first London gig.

In June I listened to (and loved) Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence (the second-best album of the year), and found a positive correlation between the success of pop stars and costumes designed by The Blonds.

July brought heartbreak as The Libertines played a substandard set at Hyde Park for the most poorly organised day festival I have ever had the misfortune of attending. Luckily, my faith was fully restored just months later when The Libertines pulled it out of the bag at Alexandra Palace and cemented their place in my heart even further when signing a new record contract alongside a sober-of-his-own-freewill Pete Doherty (keep going, Pete!)

In August I reviewed Michael Jackson’s Xscape album, and had the utter delight of seeing two of my favourite living pop stars live in Las Vegas: Britney Spears and Bruno Mars (more on the latter in a forthcoming article…)

September belonged to Kate Bush. Her Before The Dawn residency was a life changing experience. Nothing looked, sounded or felt the same afterwards. And *smug alert* I had the complete luck of seeing the show twice! As I work in Hammersmith, I found it strangely comforting to know that most days of the week, Kate Bush was living her life just around the corner. I couldn’t help myself but return to the Apollo and join the cancellation line. Despite being nowhere near the front of the queue, the kindness of a total stranger prevailed and I was offered a spare ticket (for one of the best seats in the house!) and even treated to a tour programme afterwards. Music promoter David Gentum/Gentim (sp?) if you’re out there – please get in touch!

My highlights of October and November were seeing two live pop spectaculars from Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga. Two totally different types of show, but both equally fun and worthy of five-star ratings.

And December? Does it really count? The Mushpit returned to print and everyone stopped releasing music (unless you're Mark Ronson and are forced to...) so I switched off... 

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