Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I Like (No, LOVE)... Commercial Awareness / Klondike 5-LAWW

Well, you'll be thrilled to know that I'm alive. An achievement in itself at this stage. 

In a desperate bid to prove by *law buzzword* commercial awareness, I started a blog dedicated to legal music news called Blurred Lines Law, should you want to keep up to date with the contentious world of music copyright. 

Also, I wrote the following *terrible journalism buzzword* listicle for BPP a little while ago but I don't think they're going to publish it as it tells a few truths about the GDL experience... So I present it to you here instead


How far are we into term now? Four weeks? Five weeks? Does it even matter? What does time even mean anymore when you don’t seem to have any?

Well, whatever point we’ve reached on the GDL, apart from the glut of information we’re all imbibing from tutorials and private study, I know I’ve learned a few key lessons that are not on the syllabus.

Here’s what studying the GDL in Bristol has taught me so far…

1)  This is NOT comparable to the final year of studying for an undergraduate degree. Those were easy days you took for granted. I harbour contempt and resentment for all those whom barefaced lied to me about this.

2) Organising a trip to your local court is a justifiable ground for taking some time out of studying. I went to sit in the public gallery for the verdict of a murder trial at Bristol Crown Court. It was a profound experience to see the law in action in such a grievous context.

3) Waking up earlier and working later than you thought possible is, indeed, possible.

4) Having too much work to do is your fail-safe excuse for avoiding events and invitations you would rather avoid. Use it often. Use it unapologetically.

5) If you feel your CV isn’t up to scratch the Careers Service is there for you at the end of an email, or, even better, in person with bespoke advice.

6) Just when you think you’ve finished and have worked hard enough. Think again. There’s always more to do…